[maemo-users] Email imap client that understands directories

From: Zoran Kolic zkolic at sbb.co.yu
Date: Sun Jan 6 09:07:09 EET 2008
> The stock email client on my N800 (with the latest OS2008 software pack) 
> doesn't seem to have any way to subscribe to directories other than the 
> basic Inbox, and a few others.  Since much of my email is automatically 
> sorted into subdirectories on the server, this makes the email client 
> useless.  Is there an option I'm missing?  Or a better email client? 
> (thunderbird works, for example).  I could just use webmail, the 
> squirrelmail setup at my ISP handles my directories just fine, but 
> that's slower and less powerful than a real email client on the tablet.

What application do you use in your regular usage?
mutt has imap option, but in this moment I have no
server to try on.
Other posters cited modest as fine alternative. What
is memory footprint of it?


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