[maemo-users] camera

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Sun Jan 6 16:20:11 EET 2008
hendrik at topoi.pooq.com wrote:
> I installed camera.  It makes the camera on the n800 work, in the sense 
> that I can see what it's looking at, but other than that it seems to be 
> interested only in having me open an account.  On what?  Some 
> picture-sharing system somewhere in the world?  Can't I just save 
> pictures locally?  Or is there some other program I should be using 
> instead?

I haven't found a use for the camera yet. If I pop it out, some kind of 
video chat program comes up and asks me to select a contact. There are 
no contacts in whatever subsystem it then accesses, because I use GPE 
Contacts/Calendar/etc instead of the builtin ones (largely because the 
builtin ones are so cripplingly slow and the builtin calendar doesn't do 
repeats or ranges).

Is there a way to *replace* the builtin PIM apps with the GPE ones, so 
that system calls from other apps requesting things like "select 
contact" or "choose date" will call up the relevant GPE app instead of 
the builtin one (and preferably allow you to remove the builtin ones 
entirely)? -- I'm guessing not, because that would imply commonality in 
the APIs. Or do all PIM apps use a common XMLAPI nowadays?

What apps does the camera work with? A SIP phone app like the 
preinstalled Gizmo would be nice, but I don't see anywhere to activate it.

Even a basic camera app that takes still photographs would be good.


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