[maemo-users] multi-user?

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Sun Jan 6 23:35:37 EET 2008
sebastian maemo wrote:
> Hi Hendrik:
> I'm also really interested in the answer to your question...
> I can only give you a hint I read some time ago: when trying to add new 
> users there were problems because almost the whole system depends on 
> 'user' path, so that a different name for user would not work...

Hmm. Perhaps it should depend on something like $USER instead :-)

But it's essentially a single-user device (although it has as much
if not more power, memory, and disk space than my desktop did when
I ran RH5, and that coped quite happily with 3-4 logged in users
and a web server).


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