[maemo-users] ncurses-bin package (was: Fun crashes on OS2008)

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Mon Jan 7 11:08:11 EET 2008

ext James Sparenberg wrote:
> On Wednesday 02 January 2008 03:13:41 you wrote:
>> ext James Sparenberg wrote:
>>> On Saturday 29 December 2007 03:29:05 pm Marius Gedminas wrote:
>>>> Two shell crashes on OS2008.  One is reproducible but mostly
>>>> harmless:
>>>>   $ type
>>>> /bin/sh segfaults and your session ends.
>>>> The other is not reproducible: while hitting the <Up> key to go
>>>> back in history I suddenly got this:
>>>>   ~ $ pidof *** glibc detected *** -sh: double free or
>>>> corruption (!prev): 0x0004ed40 ***
>>>> /bin/sh aborts and your session ends.  Scary.
>>>> Marius Gedminas
>>> Marius.   I can't get the first one to crash mine.  it instead
>>> lists out the busybox info.  As for the second ... I get random
>>> crashes form the current xterm (less advanced) version that I
>>> can't repeat. More often than not with more than one window open.
>>>  But the  one you can get to work regularly doesn't seem to
>>> happen.
>>> Also just curious but does anyone know why the clear command
>>> wasn't compiled into busybox?  Was up until 2008.  Perhaps an
>>> oversite?
>> Why you need it?
> it is used in scripts to clear the term window when switching for 
> example in and out of VI.
>> "clear" command comes from ncurses-bin package on Debian along with
>> e.g. terminfo database manipulation programs. ncurses-bin is a
>> Debian essential and "clear" is also in posix standard so it would
>> probably be  good if it would be in the device by default.
> Up until now clear was a compiled "applet" in busybox Not supplied by 
> ncurses-bin Unfortunately ... ncurses-bin  is installed ... and it 
> doesn't have the command (in the maemo version) as in the past it 
> would have conflicted with the busy box version of clear.
>> Busybox package doesn't provide ncurses-bin and from the binaries
>> included into that package Busybox binary could be configured
>> to provided only clear and reset.   I'm not sure how nice it would
>> be to have that limited ncurses-bin package in the device...
>> The terminfo database tools shouldn't be necessary there. :-)
> Your right one package isn't expected to supply the another.  But here 
> again.  check OS2007 OS2006 and OS2005 busybox in all of them 
> supplied clear on maemo.

If only clear and reset from the ncurses-bin package would be needed,
busybox could include both and declared that it provides ncurses-bin.

Does anybody know a package that would require the other binaries from
ncurses-bin package:

Most of them are intended for maintaining the terminfo database
entries, which I don't see as useful feature on maemo device.
(all required/useful entries should be already on the device and
if something is missing, that kind of a power user can just copy
it from desktop)

	- Eero

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