[maemo-users] SanDisk microSD 8 GB SDHC class 4

From: Julian Toler juliantoler at googlemail.com
Date: Mon Jan 7 17:49:20 EET 2008
The only other issue is *speed*, capacity and price. The 2Gb SanDisk microSD
card I have in my MP3 player is way slower than the 8Gb class 6 SDHC  card I
bought recently from eBuyer here in the UK (UK pounds 29 plus 17.5% tax).
Speed will be important if you use the card for virtual memory, map cache db
and so on, but not if you are just keeping mp3 or video files.

IMHO, microSD is more versatile than miniSD as microSD cards can be
> converted to miniSD and full-SD for use in other devices. Although you can
> convert miniSD to full SD, you obviously can't use miniSD in a microSD
> device in the future so you could be stuck with memory cards you can't use
> once you move on from your N810 (what's the betting the "N900" comes with
> microSD and not miniSD?!)
> The only other issue is capacity and price, which can only be answered by
> your wallet! :)
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