[maemo-users] powerlaunch: complete mce/systemui replacement

From: Austin Che maemo at austinche.name
Date: Wed Jan 9 06:02:37 EET 2008
    powerlaunch 0.7 has now been released. This is the first release
    with a mce replacement and a goal of having the default install be
    a drop-in replacement for systemui/mce. Ideally, you should be
    able to just install the package and see no (or little) noticeable
    change in the UI. But underneath, both systemui and mce should no
    longer be running.

    Homepage and download: http://powerlaunch.garage.maemo.org/

    There are two main programs. powered is the daemon that runs as
    root and replaces mce. It implements the entire mce dbus interface
    (plus additional functions) so in theory other programs shouldn't
    notice any difference. powerlaunch runs as the user and handles
    the GUI and responds to events.

    Even though powerlaunch was designed to emulate systemui/mce, I
    was not trying to emulate the software architecture. The goal was
    to make something much more customizable. powerlaunch itself is
    now completely general and knows nothing about the
    platform. Everything is specified via config files. This makes it
    trivial to add things to the menu, add different menu screens,
    etc. (e.g. turn on/off bluetooth, toggle usb host, launch
    programs, etc.).

    This code has only been tested on OS2008 on N800. It might work on
    a N810 but I don't have one to test. powered does have some
    low-level stuff like LED handling which I think may be different
    on N810. Also, key codes and such may be different on the N810.

    This is alpha code. It has been tested and used only by me. On the
    other hand, I think it's generally usable enough. If anyone wants
    to test it and let me know if there's anything different from
    default behavior, that would be great. 

    The systemui features that should work: power key menu,
    touchscreen/keypad lock, online/offline mode, device lock,
    shutdown, reboot, softpoweroff, and acting dead. Some things from
    systemui that are not yet implemented include the alarm dialog (I
    never use it so I don't even know what that is) and the
    splashscreen (would be trivial). Powered should have more features
    than mce (e.g. you can selectively lock the screen) although there
    are some mce modules that I'm not sure exactly what they do.
    If you want to customize stuff, look at the home page and the
    existing config files, but documentation is currently a bit
    sparse. Note you can make your system unusable so I'd recommend
    being logged in remotely when installing/playing with it. I did
    put in a failsafe mode in powered which may help (like a
    ctrl-alt-del reboot).

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