[maemo-users] Keyboard-based navigation on N800 OS2007?

From: Tomas Junnonen tomas.junnonen at nokia.com
Date: Wed Jan 9 12:29:35 EET 2008
ext Jason Edgecombe wrote:
> Hi,
> My bluetooth keyboard works well for taking notes for my N800 running
> OS2007, but I find it cumbersome to switch between the keyboard and pen
> input.
> My workflow goes like this:
> 1. I'm creating a note and I want to start Xterminal
> 2. I start Xterminal using the pen input
> 3. I have to use the pen/finger input two switch between the two apps.
> Are there keyboard accellerator keys for doing the following operations:
> * opening and choosing from the main menu of applications

Alt-Shift-Tab opens the applications menu. This and several other 
shortcuts are reconfigurable in the "Bluetooth keyboard" section of the 
control panel (OS2008). N810 users too can map these functions to the 
slide-out keyboard if they want.

> * switching between applications

Alt-Tab, also reconfigurable as above.

> * navigating within microb, notes, and xterminal

The applications you list should be fully accessible using the keyboard. 
For example MicroB supports several shortcuts you may be familiar with 
from Firefox, such as focusing the address field with Control-L.

When a keyboard is available in OS2008 (either BT, or when the N810 
keyboard is opened) the application specific shortcuts will show up in 
the menus.

> Is there improved keyboard navigation support in OS2008?

Yes, there's small improvements all around.


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