[maemo-users] Contacts data

From: Julian Toler juliantoler at googlemail.com
Date: Wed Jan 9 13:36:01 EET 2008
I have been trying to import all my contacts into the standard contacts
application and have nearly sorted it out, although my most recent import
has resulted in one field out of step (emails in the telephone field doh!)
Can someone point me to the location of the data file for this application
so I can (hopefully) delete all entries in one go rather than one by one in
Contacts (rather tedious).

Also - are there any extended specifications for this application? For
example - how do imported field mapping work (it can handle multiple email
addresses and telephone numbers, but no logic saying which is the home or
work telephone number or email etc.)

Is there a *best* import solution? From vCard, Google contacts, Outlook or
maybe I can create a suitable data file directly (I am dumping my MySQL
database into a csv file at the moment so it is easy to generate customised
text files).
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