[maemo-users] Keyboard-based navigation on N800 OS2007?

From: Tomas Junnonen tomas.junnonen at nokia.com
Date: Wed Jan 9 13:42:33 EET 2008
ext Graham Cobb wrote:
> On Wednesday 09 January 2008 10:29:35 Tomas Junnonen wrote:
>> Alt-Shift-Tab opens the applications menu. This and several other
>> shortcuts are reconfigurable in the "Bluetooth keyboard" section of the
>> control panel (OS2008). N810 users too can map these functions to the
>> slide-out keyboard if they want.
> That is interesting -- I decided to try this out with my new N810.  
> Unfortunately the slide out keyboard doesn't have many keys to use, with no 
> <alt> key.  I got <ctrl><shift>p to work but it requires pressing all three 
> keys simultaneously, which is quite hard on the slide out keyboard.
> I tried using the bluetooth keyboard settings to configure a more usable key 
> setting.  Unfortunately, all the <ctrl>-letter keys I tried give "Function 
> key reserved for the system".  It did accept <ctrl>-' but after I had OK'd 
> out of the bluetooth keyboard dialogs the key did not work (pressing <ctrl>-' 
> still did nothing).  Is there some other way to set up shortcuts for use with 
> the slide-out keyboard?

<ctrl>- does work for me as a shortcut. Make sure the action you 
assigned to is applicable in the context you activate it in (if you have 
a dialog open you cannot minimize the window etc).

The shortcuts dialog does have some strange restrictions when assigning 
the keys, making it not that suitable for the N810 (it should however be 
possible to override the checks by using gconftool in xterm and manually 
setting the values in the /apps/osso/keybindings/ hierarchy).

In the control panel you should however at least be able to use the 
following shortcuts on the N810:
3 key combos:
<ctrl><shift><letter or number>
<ctrl><fn><letter or number>
2 key combos:


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