[maemo-users] Contacts data

From: Nicholas Piper nick-maemousers at nickpiper.co.uk
Date: Wed Jan 9 14:04:43 EET 2008
On Wed, 09 Jan 2008, Julian Toler wrote:

> I have been trying to import all my contacts into the standard contacts
> application and have nearly sorted it out, although my most recent import
> has resulted in one field out of step (emails in the telephone field doh!)
> Can someone point me to the location of the data file for this application
> so I can (hopefully) delete all entries in one go rather than one by one in
> Contacts (rather tedious).

On My N800 (OS2007) /home/user/.osso-abook/db

> Also - are there any extended specifications for this application? For
> example - how do imported field mapping work (it can handle multiple email
> addresses and telephone numbers, but no logic saying which is the home or
> work telephone number or email etc.)
> Is there a *best* import solution? From vCard, Google contacts, Outlook or
> maybe I can create a suitable data file directly (I am dumping my MySQL
> database into a csv file at the moment so it is easy to generate customised
> text files).
> Cheers
> Julian

When playing with the OS2008 SDK, I saw that it uses (embedded)
Evolution Data Server, so the backing store can actually hold quite a
lot of information about each contact. You could possibly populate it using Python 2.5:

import evolution.ebook
book = evolution.ebook.open_addressbook("default")
new_contact = evolution.ebook.EContact()
new_contact.props.full_name = "John Smith"
new_contact.props.email_1   = "john at example.com"



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