[maemo-users] Flasher for Mac OS X problem

From: Thomas Armagost silly at well.com
Date: Wed Jan 9 14:56:27 EET 2008
 Jonathan Greene wrote:
 > Try holding the Home (house) key down when you power up...
 > seems to help get things connected and keep the USB mode active

I did hold it down during the initial power-up and USB connection.  I
stopped holding it down shortly after the flasher recognized the n800.
Should I hold down the Home key longer than that?

Approximately how long should the entire upgrade process take?  Thirty
seconds?  Ten minutes?  An hour and a half?

 >> sh: line 1: /Applications/Utilities/Nokia: No such file or
 >> directory

This worries me a little.  Does it mean anything?

Thomas Armagost
silly at well.com

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