[maemo-users] Battery issues (was: Re: fm radio)

From: Matt Emson memsom at interalpha.co.uk
Date: Thu Jan 10 12:25:39 EET 2008
Piotr Zagorowski wrote:
> I stopped fmradio home aplet and it was gone. I don't think it caused 
> my battery lasting only one day, but it may explain how fmradio 
> 'knows' whether headset is connected or not.

Off topic - so changed the subject line.

The following is probably a potential cause of your battery issues: 
Killing the Metadata Crawler daemon/process and renaming the executable 
so that it does not auto run is what improved my battery life. I was 
getting a day, 2 days max (fully charged in the evening with "8 days", 
waking up to "less than one day" or a completely dead tablet.) After 
killing the craler, I get days and days and days of standby. For 
example, my tablet was reporting 5 days last night and was charged a few 
days ago.

Does anyone know if this has been reported as a bug? Last version of the 
OS2007 firmware seemed to do the same thing for me. I applied the same 
fix and got the same results.


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