[maemo-users] Newbie question about videos

From: Stelian Iancu si at siancu.net
Date: Thu Jan 10 16:50:39 EET 2008
Hi all,

I just got my N810 and I'd like to play some videos on it. I don't
have any memory card in it, only the internal 2 GB one.

So I've converted one of my videos with the Nokia Video Converter,
which worked successfully. Now I would like to transfer this video on
the device. So I connect it with the USB cable and in my windows
machine appear 2 drives: E: and F:

If I try to access F:, it doesn't work. On E: I have the following folders:


So I have copied my video into the Video folder. However, afterwards I
cannot see it anywhere on the device. If I start the File Manager, I
can see there the folders:
- Audio Clips
- Documents
- Games
- Images
- Video clips

however the "Video clips" folder doesn't contain my video, but some
introductory N810 video.

So my question is how can I transfer my video to the device so that it
will appear in the "Video clips" folder so that it would be seen by
the Media Player (and Canola)?

Also, what is the second (F:) drive, the one that cannot be read in Windows?

Thanks in advance!


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