[maemo-users] N800 Web Cam Usage

From: Chris didjit86 at cfl.rr.com
Date: Thu Jan 10 19:02:23 EET 2008
Issue: Grandma has a PC with no web cam. I, of course, have the N800. I want
to have a video conference with Grandma so she can see me.

Can someone just direct me to which applcations (both PC and N800) would
need to accomplish this or if its possible?

In my research, it appears the N800 Google Talk app will only show video
with other N800 users only. Skype, no video. Gizmo is supposed to have
video, but my test (n800 to PC) have failed. I can only IM between the two.

Any one have this scenario working and willing to share a little how to?

Thank you,

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