[maemo-users] USB Ethernet

From: Julian Toler juliantoler at googlemail.com
Date: Fri Jan 11 14:34:54 EET 2008
My last pocket Linux device was the fabulous Archos PMA400. This had both
client and host USB ports as standard, and the host port could be used to
connect to a network via a simple USB Ethernet adapter. This worked well
when a wifi network was not available, but a wired router was.
The USB Ethernet connection was able to use a wide range of USB Ethernet
adapters (e.g. those based on the widely used ASIX ax8817x chipset).
I am happily switching the N800 USB port into host mode and back again to
client mode, however in host mode it seems to expect to find a file system
(using the echo host > /sys/devices/platform/musb_hdrc/mode command).
Is there an alternative command or script which might poke the N800 into
looking for a network connection?
As you can probably tell, I am very much a Linux noob, so although I have
grasped some Linux concepts fairly well, others are still waiting for that
learning curve to catch up.
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