[maemo-users] List of Repository for OS2008

From: Austin Che maemo at austinche.name
Date: Fri Jan 11 21:44:27 EET 2008
> I know it's easier for the developer. But it's not easier for the
> user. Honestly, 1 developer < n users; and I say that sitting in both
> camps.

    There are other good reasons to have a central repository but I
    don't really buy the ease of use argument for the user. The end
    user still has to enable the extras repository. It would be just
    as easy for a user to install a meta package, maybe call it
    "maemo-universe", which adds every single repository in the
    universe to the sources list. For example, if it added all the
    repositories listed at http://www.gronmayer.com/it/, the end-user
    doesn't need to know the difference that n repositories were added
    versus one. The meta package could automatically update as new
    repositories are added/removed.

    Of course there are issues about trusting repositories, quality,
    etc. but that isn't an issue really solved with the extras
    repository unless some Nokia person is actually checking packages
    submitted to extras (which I doubt). I would trust a
    maemo-universe package with a repository list created by the
    community just as much as a random package in extras.

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