[maemo-users] Package categories are being misused

From: Jussi Kukkonen jhkukkon at cc.hut.fi
Date: Sat Jan 12 02:12:29 EET 2008
Andrew already brought up the too-many-repositories problem, maybe I
should revitalize the other repository discussion: The
application-categories-are-useless one.

We still do not have a category list that would be just right for
internet tablets, but that's a difficult problem and I'm not tackling it
right now. I'm aiming for the low-hanging fruit, namely packages that
    A) have a category to themselves or
    B) shouldn't be visible in Application Manager

Fixing these should be quite easy and would enhance the usability of
Application Manager significantly by halving the number of categories.
If you are a maintainer of one of these packages, please try to fix the
problems. If you think I'm wrong, please explain. Thanks!

  - Jussi

A) These packages have their own private category (and they shouldn't).
   Using the defaults + Maemo Extras + Modest repositories

  boingomobile:   Boingo
  canola2:        Canola       (how about Multimedia)
  maemoscrobbler: misc         (how about Multimedia)
  modest:         extras       (how about Communication)
  mnotify:        connectivity (how about Communication)
  gnokii:         comm         (how about Communication or Commandline)
  load-applet:    utilities    (how about Accessories or Utilities)
  free42:         scientific   (how about Accessories,Utilities,Tools)
  rapier:         religion

B) These packages look like they should be dependencies and not visible

  python* (most packages at least)

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