[maemo-users] apps install problem

From: Thomas Armagost silly at well.com
Date: Sat Jan 12 08:58:28 EET 2008
 sebastian wrote:
 > In case you download a deb package (say, for example,
 > free42_1.4.27-hildon1_armel.deb), then you may open it with the
 > Application Manager, and you won't need internet connection to
 > successfully install the package.

Just as an experiment, I installed camera 2.9-2 video (beta) for
OS2007 from a deb package that I'd uploaded to the n800 from the
Mac mini via USB.  The installation was a success.  The video web
cam works.  OS2008 currently does not have this feature, if I'm
not incorrect.

 > Of course, once you get an xterm, you can also say:
 > # dpkg -i free42_1.4.27-hildon1_armel.deb
 > And this will install the package, too.

I got restless, so I went to a coffee house with free wifi earlier
today.  The "vanilla" maemo.org > Downloads > OS 2007 (N800) was
slow but sure.  http://maemo.org/downloads/OS2007

Installed osso-xterm (advanced) and VIM and OpenSSH (server and
client) and DiskUsage.  FBReader was the only installation attempt
that failed.

Tested everything.  It all works.  I was unable to find a virtual
escape key, which is necessary in the vi editor.  And I was unable
to find the dash (-) symbol on the virtual keyboard.  This is
needed for many UNIX commands (ls -f) as I'm sure you know.

I have no doubt that the dash and the escape key are somewhere.

Now that I've installed xterm I'm convinced that the n800 is a
real computer.

Thomas Armagost
silly at well.com

In 2008, Maxwell Smart's shoe phone has video conferencing and

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