[maemo-users] Package categories are being misused

From: Jussi Kukkonen jhkukkon at cc.hut.fi
Date: Sun Jan 13 15:11:56 EET 2008
Neil MacLeod wrote:
> I can only see this being solved by two things:
> 1. Insisting on the use of r.m.o and r.m.o/extras repositories, don't
> use third-party repositories
> 2. Having a "check in procedure" for updated new (even updated)
> packages whereby a package is reviewed prior to wider publication
> (eg. extras-devel would be ideal as a staging area)
> Item #1 is a personal choice issue - we should all try to avoid using
> and publicising third-party repositories, that way they will
> eventually disappear.

Agreed, and #1 may well work on the category issue too: I'm pretty sure
that if we file bugs on the misbehaving applications and keep "publicly
humiliating" the continuing offenders, we can make things better even
without the bureocracy of a check-in procedure.

Btw, I'm not saying we don't need "Extras masters" (the checkin/upload
people). We probably do, but getting that system working is a hard
problem. Community pressure is an immediate low-risk, low-resource
solution to this particular problem.

About "Extras masters" or a check-in procedure: a smooth way to start
this would be to make the checks happen post-upload in the beginning.
Developers would work just like now, but the masters would have the
right to remove the package if they see problems with it. This way any
problems with the procedure (like long upload queues, see Debian a few
years back) wouldn't drive developers away from Garage.
 This of course assumes we have people willing to be repository masters...

> If a review process isn't favoured or possible, the Application
> Manager should be modified to ignore any application which is not in
> a pre-existing (ie. approved) category, although this could become
> inflexible and undesirable in the long term unless the available
> approved categories can be updated on-line (but then the approved
> list may be open to abuse if it's maintained by Nokia...)

That would also work if the application manager put all packages with an
unidentified category into category "Others" (or something like it).


Jussi Kukkonen

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