[maemo-users] List of Repository for OS2008

From: Ed Bartosh eduard.bartosh at nokia.com
Date: Mon Jan 14 14:14:01 EET 2008
On Fri, 2008-01-11 at 20:29 +0200, ext Marius Gedminas wrote:

> I intend to get rid of my repository and get everything I need available
> from Extras.  To this end I've already asked and received upload rights
> there.  However the fear of releasing imperfect packages out to the wild
> prevented me from doing anything with it so far.  :(
You can use extras-devel for imperfect packages. If you have upload
rights to extras you are able to upload to extras-devel as well.

Ed Bartosh <eduard.bartosh at nokia.com>

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