[maemo-users] Java VM??

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Wed Jan 16 00:57:02 EET 2008
Gary D Walborn wrote:
> To all:
> 	I have searched and I have been unable to find a Java VM for maemo...
> Am I missing something?  I can't believe that Java (or one of the
> work-alikes) has not been ported... There are a number of Java apps that
> I would LOVE to run on my N800 and N770.  Java seems perfect for this
> platform?  Is there some major obstacle to a Java port?  I think this
> should be high on the "to-do" list...

I installed Jalimo which is fine if you just want to run java from the 
command-line (no graphics). I use it all the time to run Saxon (XSLT) 
and it's slow but stable.

I asked about Java in Oct but only got answers about Jalimo and PhoneME. 
  Unfortunately the PhoneME distributions (including the binary pointed 
to on the page Ove suggested) don't appear to contain a program called 
"java". There is something called bin/cvm in there but I have no idea if 
this does anything useful.

It would be nice if someone could locate a java plugin for the N800 
browser. Currently a lot of web sites with java features are off-limits.


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