[maemo-users] Reporting packaging bugs (indtgames and xgalaga)?

From: Tim Ashman tim at ashmans.net
Date: Wed Jan 16 04:58:14 EET 2008
I was able to install xgalaga, on my n810 with the latest firmware, and 
gronmayer's repo's 


On 01/15/2008 18:33, Michael R. Head wrote:
> Just wondering where I should report packaging bugs against software in
> the maemo repositories?
> I've found that xgalaga and indtgames are not installable in the latest
> nokia/maemo extras repository are lacking all their dependencies.
> ( indtgames needs maemo-games-startup and xgalaga needs libxpm4 )
> This is with the latest N810 image.
> Where do I report these sorts of bugs and how can they be resolved?
> Thanks,
> mike

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