[maemo-users] Skype video?

From: Michael R. Head (N810) burner at suppressingfire.org
Date: Thu Jan 17 07:15:16 EET 2008
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> Michael R. Head wrote:
> > Hi, now that I've got Skype installed on my N810, I'm wondering if
> > there's a way to enable video (the n810 has a nice little camera for
> > video conferencing, why not use it?). I haven't found anything in the
> > Skype settings to enable this.
> >
> > thanks,
> > mike
> >
>> Skype does not support video right now, and it appears there are no such
> plans.  You might try the new GizmoProject beta (4.0) which has video
> support on PC and N8xx
Gotcha. I've had a gizmo account for some time (and just got around to linking it into my contacts)... I just have many more contacts on skype.

Too bad skype isn't looking at video for maemo... They just got around to adding it on linux.

> Ryan

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