[maemo-users] Java VM??

From: Roberto Resoli roberto.resoli at gmail.com
Date: Wed Jan 16 15:22:26 EET 2008
2008/1/16, Sebastian Mancke <asteban at gmx.de>:
> Peter Flynn schrieb:
> > Gary D Walborn wrote:
> >> To all:
> >>
> >>      I have searched and I have been unable to find a Java VM for maemo...
> >> Am I missing something?  I can't believe that Java (or one of the
> >> work-alikes) has not been ported... There are a number of Java apps that
> >> I would LOVE to run on my N800 and N770.  Java seems perfect for this
> >> platform?  Is there some major obstacle to a Java port?  I think this
> >> should be high on the "to-do" list...
> >
> > I installed Jalimo which is fine if you just want to run java from the
> > command-line (no graphics).
> Jalimo contains also SWT packages, for nice GUIs with native look and feel.

Yes, this appears very promising!
this presentation too is interesting


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