[maemo-users] Skype video?

From: Mike Lococo mikelococo at gmail.com
Date: Thu Jan 17 01:04:23 EET 2008
> I am not too worried about video with Skype (although of course it would 
> be nice!)

I've been waiting for this since the release of the N800. It's one of 
the reasons I bought the device (having misread 'plans for skype + 
integrated video camera' to be the same as 'plans for skype video 
calling'). The Nokia N-series is undoubtedly the most convenient 
video-calling platform ever made... excepting that it doesn't actually 
do video calling.

If it ever actually happens, regular-joes are going to flip when they 
see it in action (zomg, look at teh video phone!!!one!!111),  But the 
foot-dragging seems to have no end in sight.


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