[maemo-users] Skype video?

From: Matt Emson memsom at interalpha.co.uk
Date: Thu Jan 17 06:57:09 EET 2008
Michael R. Head (N810) wrote:
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>> Michael R. Head wrote:
>>> Hi, now that I've got Skype installed on my N810, I'm wondering if
>>> there's a way to enable video (the n810 has a nice little camera for
>>> video conferencing, why not use it?). I haven't found anything in the
>>> Skype settings to enable this.
>>> thanks,
>>> mike
>> Skype does not support video right now, and it appears there are no such
>> plans.  You might try the new GizmoProject beta (4.0) which has video
>> support on PC and N8xx
> Gotcha. I've had a gizmo account for some time (and just got around to linking it into my contacts)... I just have many more contacts on skype.
> Too bad skype isn't looking at video for maemo... They just got around to adding it on linux.

Not wishing to hijack the thread, but I'd love to see video support in 
Flash! Video support in Skype is a niche for me, but video in flash 
would rock. Also... Skype seems not to like the full screen 
keyboard...... that is iritating. I'm sure it worked at one point... but 
I use Pidgin mostly, so that migh have clouded my memory.


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