[maemo-users] Hard to drag stuff on N800 OS2008 Desktop

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Fri Jan 18 10:04:02 EET 2008

ext Russ Wenner wrote:
> I found that if I click "Home" > "Select applets..." > then un-check
> the offending applet > OK.  Then repeat the process by re-selecting
> the applets I want.  Only then, for a short time, can I drag windows
> around. In time they will no longer drag willingly, if a fuss with
> them they will drag, but I find it is quicker to do the above
> mentioned, but it seems kludgey, perhaps I'm not going about it the
> proper way...

Make a quick move with the stylus when you start to reposition
an applet.  After the applet is moving, you can move stylus as
slow as you want to.  The quick drag in the beginning is needed
to distinguish between dragging an applet and trying to activate
something (such as a button) within it.

	- Eero

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