[maemo-users] Updating maps N810

From: Jussi Kukkonen jhkukkon at cc.hut.fi
Date: Mon Jan 21 22:23:09 EET 2008
DrFredC.com wrote:
>  Don't know -- same thing for the n800.  I've been getting the same
> message for the weather report desktop app -- Since around Christmas.  
> The map and weather apps seem to work fine, so I've got to the point of
> just checking to see if it's been cleared up once a week or so.
> On a similar note -- my app manager seems to continually hang at
> downloading updated catalogs at about 1 meg.  
> One must gather that this is the sort of stuff one must come to expect
> when depending upon open source freeware support? 

Application Manager and Map are not open source and not really freeware
either. Maybe you had some other derogatory words in mind?

Seriously speaking, all these problems are probably fallout from the
repository mess during the holidays: I assume Application Manager has
downloaded a broken (unsigned) package and for some reason won't remove
it from the package cache so it would be downloaded again -- removing
and installing again will probably work.

Application Manager should of course just cope with the this, but I
don't see how ranting helps the situation (I'm mostly referring to your
post about Red Pill mode). If you just want to vent, maybe you could do
it in a way that doesn't involve so many other peoples mailboxes.
support at nokia.com, perhaps?


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