[maemo-users] micro SDHC to mini SDHC adapter/extender

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Date: Tue Jan 22 18:41:46 EET 2008
I ve bought an 6GB SDHC Sandisk micro sdhc card, and i use it with a standart (non sdhc) micro to mini selled with a 512MB kingston micro sd to mini sd card adaptator.

Adaptators are just a piece of pvc which bind the pins. As SDHC and SD use the sames pins... it s work.

Be carrefull 

On Tue, 22 Jan 2008 07:24:06 -0700, Tim <tim at samoff.com> wrote:
> 	Jeff, 
> 	I just purchased this: 
> 	http://tinyurl.com/2s8p8c 
> 	I don't know if it's "Class 4" (I'm not too familiar with how SDHC
> cards are classified) although I don't really care too much. So...
> They are available if you look around. ;) 
> 	Peace,
>  Tim 
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>  From: Jeffrey Mark Siskind 
>  Subject: micro SDHC to mini SDHC adapter/extender
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>  I'd like to purchase an 8G class 4 micro/mini SDHC card for the
> N810. From
>  what I can tell there are no 8G mini SDHC cards. (I have not been
> able to find
>  any by googling.) And while I have found 8G class 4 micro SDHC
> cards, none
>  seem to come with micro to mini adapter/extenders. (They come with
>  adapters/extenders to full size SDHC.) I've only found smaller
> capacity memory
>  cards with micro to mini adapters/extenders. And I've not been able
> to find a
>  way to purchase just a micro to mini adapter/extender without a
> memory card.
>  Is there any difference between the micro to mini adapter/extender
> for SDHC
>  cards vs. non-HC SD cards? If I purchase a small capacity microSD
> that comes
>  with a micro to mini adapter/extender (just to get the
> adapter/extender) will
>  it work with an 8G microSDHC card in the N810? Or can anybody tell
> me where I
>  can by just the adapter/extender? Or where I can buy an 8G class 4
> miniSDHC
>  card? Or where I can buy buy an 8G class 4 microSDHC card that comes
> with a
>  micro to mini adapter/extender?
>  Jeff (http://www.ece.purdue.edu/~qobi)
>  ------------------------------

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