[maemo-users] Pairing Nokia su-8w keyboard with N810 (OS2008 2.20007.50-2)

From: Matthew Bassett matthew at mbassett.org
Date: Thu Jan 24 12:35:09 EET 2008
Anyone had any luck pairing a Nokia su-8w bluetooth keyboard with a N810
running OS2008 2.20007.50-2?

I have attempted this, but when I get as far as OKing the authorisation
dialog (which presents a 4 digit number for entering on the su-8w keyboard)
it immediately fails with a dialog about an incorrect auth code, before I
have even attempted to enter the auth code via the keyboard.

Pairing with my phone works fine though...

Note that I have restored from a backup from OS2007HE if that makes any
difference (which was paired to the keyboard).

Matthew Bassett
* Email: matthew at mbassett.org
* Mobile; +44 7979 867001
* Web : http://www.mbassett.org
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