[maemo-users] Freeing up N800 memory

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Thu Jan 24 18:04:54 EET 2008

ext Gary D Walborn wrote:
> 	You should be getting the "drift" of this by now.  MANY things
> can be easily and safely moved to the memory card and linked in.  I have
> linked many of the binaries in /usr/bin to the memory card.  For example,
> I made a /media/mmc2/usr/bin directory, moved FBReader to it and linked
> to the binary from /usr/bin with no problem.  The app still loads from the
> menu and launches just fine.
> 	To sum up (sorry for the long post), I have reduced the usage on
> my flash to 61% (down from 90+%) and still have over 3GB available on my
> 4GB card!  Just be careful to test everything when you move it.  Generally
> if it causes any problems, it it not TOO difficult to move it back.  Be
> careful about moving anything that MIGHT be used during the boot process as
> you could leave the N800 unable to boot.

That can happen pretty easily if one starts moving libraries.
Better to take backups before this, document what's been moved
and prepare for reflash.

Personally I wouldn't move any executable code (binaries or libs)
on MMC as its contents can corrupt when their file systems get uncleanly
umounted (if you remove the MMC when it's written, disconnect USB
cable without synching the MMC file system or device HW watchdog reboots
the device when there's some unwritten MMC data).

With data files, such as ones in MyDocs or /usr/share/osso-help/
this is a bit more safe.

	- Eero

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