[maemo-users] Nokia NXXX With A Phone!

From: Jonathan Greene atmasphere at atmasphere.net
Date: Fri Jan 25 01:26:47 EET 2008
Interestingly clearwire announced they plan to offer voip using sip
today.  As I am sure you all know they are sprint's partner in wimax
so it's not hard to connect the dots here.

We already have a sip stack and always on makes it quite easy to do
voice ... Assuming you live or work within an available market.

On 1/24/08, John Holmblad <jholmblad at acadiasecurenets.com> wrote:
> Aaron,
> the N800 and N810 Internet Tablet are what I would call pre-4g mobile
> devices.
> Nokia has asserted that is is going to launch a WIMAX version of  the
> Internet Tablet for use on Sprint's Xohm (WIMAX) Network. If Nokia
> follows through on its announced intent (I think they will), then that
> version of the Internet Tablet can probably lay claim to being the first
> 4g mobile device in the world, since it will be "all IP all the time"
> and will be running on a network (XOHM) that Sprint is claiming to be a
> 4g network.
> I have not seen a release date for this  product from Nokia  but I would
> expect it to be out in the first half of this year. Sprint is already
> testing the WIMAX service with employees (so-called "friends and family"
> if you will) before a full rollout in the Washington DC area and one
> other market.
> Here is the url to the www page at the Xohm www site for the
> partnerships that Sprint has for the XOHM service:
>      http://www.xohm.com/xohm_about_partnership.html
> Best Regards,
> John Holmblad
> Acadia Secure Networks, LLC
> Aaron Newcomb wrote:
> > OK enthusiasts, when is this going to happen? I talked about this a
> > lot with attendees of the last Ohio LInuxfest and it is clear that the
> > next generation of this device needs a phone. I know that there will
> > be squabbles with the carriers about not being able to lock down the
> > features (in the US at least), but I am convinced that this device
> > would sell millions of units if it was a phone along with all the
> > other great things that it does already.
> >
> > I think the relative success of the iPhone is proof that people are
> > willing to pay for it. If the cost can stay on par with the iPhone or
> > even slightly more people would flock to an all-in-one device that you
> > can develop and run your own apps on.
> >
> > I fall into the group of people who need to be on my cell phone a lot
> > for work and I carry my laptop around for access to the web (email,
> > calendar, short browsing sessions). I also carry a media player for
> > video and audio playback. I can't stand Blackberry or Treo phones.
> > Most of the people I work with have them and hate them. So, as I see
> > it the N810 meets 2 out of 3 of my needs, but that third one (cell
> > phone) is where I spend most of my work time and I just can't justify
> > the cost unless I can get that last component.
> >
> > For no extra charge ... I am happy to use a wired or bluetooth headset
> > or speakerphone. I don't need to hold the device up to my head. I have
> > gotten past the Ma Bell days of yesteryear.
> >
> > Does anyone have an inside scoop on this? Is this even in the labs at
> > this point? Am I out of my mind or is this next step the most
> > important one in the evolution of the product?
> >
> >
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