[maemo-users] Nokia NXXX With A Phone!

From: Steve Yelvington steve at yelvington.com
Date: Fri Jan 25 02:25:13 EET 2008
Since adding GSM capability would bulk up the basic unit, it seems that 
perhaps an external GSM enabler would be a good move. Connect via 
Bluetooth. Maybe even make it work as a speaker/mike, so I don't have to 
wave the Internet tablet around in the air to use the phone. It might 
look like this:

There are compromises to be made whether you take the integrated route 
(a la iPhone) or the component route (a la Nokia). I have an N800, a 
phone, a foldup keyboard and I'm contemplating a tiny GPS receiver, all 
communicating via Bluetooth. Each is optimized for its purpose and I 
only carry that parts that I want at the moment. The downside is that I 
have a lot of parts.

The iPhone owner has a different set of compromises to make; the virtual 
keyboard sucks, the GPS-like GSM tower triangulation is interesting but 
inaccurate, and as a phone it's not nearly as rugged and pocketable as 
my clamshell. And it's a closed system.

I'd be more than happy to see Nokia offer an all-in-one device but I 
sure would prefer to continue to be offered the choice.

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