[maemo-users] Nokia NXXX With A Phone!

From: Matt Emson memsom at interalpha.co.uk
Date: Fri Jan 25 12:18:21 EET 2008
Kevin T. Neely wrote:
> This is quite timely, since the FCC spectrum auction just went up today:
> https://auctionsignon.fcc.gov/signon/index.htm
> So don't look backward to 20th Century technology, look forward to ubiquitous wireless access, making VOIP a reality and ditching those SIM cards forever.

Being English, I can flatly point out that this means diddly squat to 
Nokia. You need to look at what is happening in Europe to know what is 
going on in the minds of Nokia. It doesn't matter a damn if you have 
sold lots of frequencies, they are not valid out side of the US and 
therefore irrelevant. The FCC does not regulate my airwaves ;-)

Seriously, there is a world over here in Europe, you know ;-) We all use 
GSM. Our 3G uses different frequencies. This is what screwed Apple over. 
If Apple had wanted an easy ride, they could have used a US only phone 
standard and sold a lot more units probably. But using GSM, they opened 
the international market up a lot faster. However, not having a 3G 
standard world wide is a big problem for them. Hence the shuffling 
excuses, I guess.

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