[maemo-users] N810 integrated left speakers sound quality

From: Jean-Christian de Rivaz jc at eclis.ch
Date: Fri Jan 25 22:33:30 EET 2008
Tim Ashman a écrit :
> I did the left and right tests on my n810, and hear the pitch in both speakers from 1 sec until around 38 seconds where I'm sure my rock and roll ears give out.
> Sorry to say, It looks like something is wrong with your device. 

David Hautbois a écrit :
 > No problem with your mp3 files on my N810.
 > So, your tablet seems to have a fault....

Michael Wiktowy a écrit :
 > Sounds to me like an external left speaker hardware problem with your
 > unit. Possibly a loose connection. While I have found the bass
 > response on the N810 to be not that great, it is acceptable for the
 > size of the speakers and even between the two.

Thanks Tim, David and Michael for doing this test. It's very clear to me 
now that my N810 have a problem.

Jean-Christian de Rivaz

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