[maemo-users] Strange Surffing Problem

From: drfredc at drfredc.com drfredc at drfredc.com
Date: Thu Jan 31 02:28:12 EET 2008
I've seen this sort of activity when trying to browse a page that for 
some reason absolutely requires IE (if not also IE7).  It may have 
something to do with IE specific Active X applets.  Well designed 
webware should provide a work around for other browsers, but this isn't 
always the case. Lazy web programmers who only live in the world of IE 
frequently don't give a rat about the world outside their own.  When 
accessing this sort of page outside of IE, your browser may just lock up.  

Also, this sort of BS isn't limited to internet tablet browsers -- I've 
also encountered it on my XP computers using Firefox. 

One of the recent examples of this feature (where there was a 
workaround) was the Australian Open (tennis) which had IBM hosting of 
the event.  The "Scores" page of current games would not work properly 
with Firefox on my tablet or XP computer running Firefox -- but at least 
came up with a message to click for the 'html' version of the page.  Or 
you open IE, if you're in an environment where that is an option and 
things should work as designed.

 I didn't try it during the AO, but during the US Open (tennis), which 
had a similar IBM hosted site, the n800 (2007 OS) browser locked up when 
you tried to play the internet radio feed of the event's top tennis 
match.  As best as I could tell, it required some sort of IE active X 
applet to run the radio feed.  You'd wait and wait and wait and nothing 
would happen.  Locked up...

Always, drfredc

Amichai Rotman wrote:
> Hey there,
> I am having a strange problem: when I fire up the browser to open a 
> link (either from a bookmark or a new page) it opens the browser 
> window, shows the address for the page in the address field, but 
> nothing else happens. It doesn't load the page. If I tap the bookmarks 
> or home buttons at the bottom, the window closes...
> I hope I don't have to re-flash the device, I just did it not so long 
> ago...
> Please help!
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