[maemo-users] Wiki page of the day: "USB networking" and "USB networking with Debian"

From: Ian Key ian_key at yahoo.com
Date: Tue Jul 1 11:10:05 EEST 2008

These pages look good, just a quick query about them. The USB with Debian uses IP address and 2, but the USB networking page talks about and 15. Should these use the same IP addresses?


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Subject: Wiki page of the day: "USB networking" and "USB networking with Debian"

Morning all,

I obviously underestimated the insatiable desire of the maemo.org
community! "Root access" is done & dusted, in no time at all.

Many thanks to all those who contributed their time to improve the article.

So today, we have a twofer - two articles which should in all likelihood
be merged, and which have the potential to be very useful:
* "USB networking": https://wiki.maemo.org/USB_networking
* "USB networking with Debian":

Thanks again for your help!


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