[maemo-users] Application Manager - Refresh application list

From: Mark wolfmane at gmail.com
Date: Tue Jul 1 19:21:13 EEST 2008
On Tue, Jul 1, 2008 at 6:14 AM, Marius Vollmer <marius.vollmer at nokia.com> wrote:
> "ext Mark" <wolfmane at gmail.com> writes:
>> Going to a terminal kinda defeats the whole purpose of a GUI app
>> manager, especially for a touchscreen device that doesn't have a real
>> keyboard.
> In this case, you would use the terminal to debug your problem.  Once
> it's solved, you can go back using the Application manager.
> So what happens when you run "apt-get update" in the terminal?  (Make
> sure you have http_proxy set correctly.)

Pretty much the same thing. It hangs at 99% and just sits there for a
*very* long time before exiting with an error message. The last couple
of lines when it stalls are:

Hit http://repository.maemo.org chinook/non-free Packages
99% [7 Packages gzip 533788]

Sometimes the GUI returns a "Failed Catalogs" message:

Testing Maemo Extras
Sub-process gzip returned an error code(1)

Subsequent retries eventually meet with success.

...But that's missing the point. "Debugging" is fine for hardcore
Linux people, or even those with moderate Linux experience like me,
but for the average consumer it's not an option. The GUI apps should
handle things like unresponsive repository servers (or bugs in the app
itself that cause communications hiccups) gracefully.

I don't need help figuring out the problem or a solution, and
apparently I'm not the only on experiencing the issue. I was just
suggesting that something needs to be changed. Apparently it's already
been addressed in Diablo and won't be addressed in Chinook, so there's
probably no point in continuing the thread.


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