[maemo-users] how to put apps in "My Selection" tab

From: Julius Szelagiewicz julius at turtle.com
Date: Tue Jul 1 22:11:39 EEST 2008
Dear Folks,
	I'm embarassed to say that I've run into a silly difficulty that
I'm not able to find a quick resolution for. On my N800s I need to present
an application run as a script inside Xterm staright from ~/.profile file.
I tried using "Mikie's shortcuts" but there are some problems when the app
exits or BT hardware goes to sleep.
	What I need is to show Xterm in a way that makes calling it very
easy: preferably right on the desktop, possibly as top of "My Selection"
tab. I know it is probably very easy, but I need it fast, so please help
your embarassed colleague.
	Thank you, julius

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