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From: sandeepsp at mistralsolutions.com sandeepsp at mistralsolutions.com
Date: Wed Jul 2 10:21:43 EEST 2008

Thank you all for the quick reply and the valuable info. I think GTkFB  
does not provide all the functionalties required for my project, so I  
am planning to go with X. Could anyone tell me approximate size of  
Maemo/GTK/X11 package for an ARM board ? Is there any howto document  
available for porting X11/GTK/hildon/maemo which lists packages and  
the version dependencies ?

Warm Regards,

Quoting Eero Tamminen <eero.tamminen at nokia.com>:

> Hi,
> ext Dave Neary wrote:
>> Matt Emson wrote:
>>> Sandeep, my understanding is that Maemo sits on top of a framework called
>>> "Hildon" that is based on GTK+, but not necessarily the same thing  
>>>  entirely.
>>> Others will be more precise, but YMMV greatly as to how easily it   
>>> is to implement.
>> Hildon sits on top of GTK+, and uses/augments it. I suppose it's
>> possible that Hildon contains some X11 specific code (I really have no
>> idea), but if it uses only GTK+ and glib calls, then it should work on
>> that whatever the back-end is. In GTK+, there are a few different
>> elements - the widgets themselves don't have any X11 drawing code, and
>> draw using GDK, the GTK Drawing Kit (actually GIMP Drawing Kit
>> historically) - GDK is where different back-end code gets added, such as
>> gdk-x11, gdk-win32, gdk-directfb and gdk-quartz.
>> My understanding is that GTKFB is just GTK+ using the directfb back-end
>> of GDK - but I don't actually know of anyone using it in a device at
>> this time. Best advice is try it & see.
> And not having X11 there means that:
> - window manager/management
> - input method
> - clipboard
> don't work.
> 	- Eero
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