[maemo-users] How to clone an N800?

From: Ville Reijonen vilre at cs.tut.fi
Date: Thu Jul 3 15:32:00 EEST 2008
> Dear Folks,
> 	What is the best way to clone an N800? As I need to be able to
> roll out a bunch of them - 30 now, 20 in a couple months I'd love to get a
> "Golden Image" and copy it over very quickly to new tablets.

Pain is so relative consept. I did this in old 770 days.. preparation 
took time but flashing was a breeze.. step by step:

PHASE 1 - Prepare:
1) Make the base install on one device.
2) Modify it as far as you can so that it is good for every device.
3) Tar the rootfs (with gnu tar) to memory card.
4) Make device dependent modification.
5) Tar the individual rootfs to memory card.
6) Compare the tar packages, and see if there is some way to automate 
the individual change as a script.
7) Repeat 4-6 for every device dependent change.. or do them all at once :)

PHASE 2 - Create custom image:
1) Unpack Nokia FIASCO image for rootfs (with flasher program) or create 
right size jffs2 rootfs image.
2) Mount the rootfs image (guide in maemo wiki), replace contents with 
the tar you have on the memory card.
3) put your customizing script for example into /etc/rc2.d/ and make 
sure that the script file is deleted in the end.
4) packages which have to be installed on the device, put them in the 
image into some folder like "/" and install those with dpkg from the 
script or "apt-get -y" them over the air from the script, delete 
packages after installing.

PHASE 3 - Flash:
1) Flash the image in parts with your own rootfs replacing the original.
2) Boot the device. If packages are installed, some ui action is needed. 
Or maybe you customized the package so that there is no need.

P.S. Script debugging is easier when the output goes to a file.. :)


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