[maemo-users] trouble with sip calls on N800

From: digger vermont dv_mlist at verizon.net
Date: Sat Jul 5 00:40:35 EEST 2008

I'm trying to get sip working on an N800 with Diablo.  I have an account
at ekiga.net.  Lets forget about video for now.

So far I've not had any completely successful call.  Calling between my
laptop (linux/ubuntu/ekiga) and the N800, the N800 can hear the laptop,
but I can't hear anything from the tablet.

If I try an echo test, say 500 at ekiga.net  it seems like its connecting
but I don't hear the echo test announcement or anything else despite my
saying hello, hello, hello, etc.

I've also tried some other numbers.  For one 300 at blueface.ie where there
are some monkeys.  Seems like I get a connection but no audio.  I've
tried a variety of ways.
	300 at blueface.ie
	sip:300 at blueface.ie
	*266300 at ekiga.net

I can make a recording with the microphone both on the N800 and through
the supplied headset/mic.

My guess is a problem with codecs.  But I don't know where or how to

Thanks for any help,


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