[maemo-users] Send-Only Accounts in Modest

From: Mike Lococo mikelococo at gmail.com
Date: Sun Jul 6 20:48:30 EEST 2008
> For just a send-only account setting the incoming server to
> seems to work fine for me. If you open up the main application you get
> the annoying popups but there isn't much need to do that. If you just
> compose and send email it stays quiet about it.

I should have been more clear in the message that started this thread. I 
did try using bogus mailserver information, and confirm that it does 
"work" inasmuch as you can send and receive messages.  However, Modest 
throws two popups on startup/new-mail-check per bogus account, which are 
very annoying and not possible for an end-user to disable.

I think there's a valid RFE here to provide either true sender 
identities, or the ability to disable automatic checking (both on 
startup and for the check new messages button).  The latter would be a 
fairly trivial fix, although the former is probably the "right thing to 
do" in the long-run.

Mike Lococo

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