[maemo-users] About Process

From: Zhenghe Zhang Zhenghe.Zhang at plenware.com
Date: Wed Jul 9 12:31:57 EEST 2008
Hi all
	I have a problem ,but I don't solve it.
In N810, prerequiste: you must connect the internet with N810 
	1. Open "application manager"
	2. Select "Tools -> Refresh application list"
	3  It will download some files
	4  Right away , Open "X-Terminal" and enter "ps -awx"

You will find that there are many processes of

If you want to download three packages ,you will see three processes of
"/usr/lib/apt/methods/http". And if you want to download ten package
,you will see ten processes.

I want to ask you about controling the processes of "http".I would like
to limit the number of the process when download many packages.

Thanks very much

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