[maemo-users] about process

From: Zhenghe Zhang Zhenghe.Zhang at plenware.com
Date: Fri Jul 11 12:41:37 EEST 2008
Hi all 
	I have some problems,I hope you help me.
About Process
	If you open an application , the system will create a process. I
think the process is created by kernel,but I don't confirm it. Also,my
classmates tell me that it may be created by itself.So I hope you help
me and tell the detail to me .

About N810
	At first,I add many repositories to the application catalogue
Then I enter "apt-get update" in the osso-xterm .At last I open other
"osso-xterm" and input "ps -awx". You will find there are many processes
of "http". 
	Could you tell me the detial why there are many http-processes.

Thanks very much!
A free software fan

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