[maemo-users] About process on maemo

From: Zhenghe Zhang Zhenghe.Zhang at plenware.com
Date: Thu Jul 17 11:43:14 EEST 2008
Hi All

    There is a new problem puzzled me,so I hope you help me, thanks.

If you do following:

1 open the "application manager"

2 open "Tools -> Application catalogue..." and you will open a dialog
about  "Catalogue"

3 Click the "New" button and add some repositories

4 And you close the "Calogue" dialog, you will find a dialog "Refresh
application list"

5 you should connect the internet

6 there are some things downloaded on time

7 open the osso-xterm and enter "ps -awx" 


There are many processes of "http", I want to control the number of the
"http" process,could you tell me what I do?

Thanks very much!

Zhenghe Zhang

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