[maemo-users] Good stock answers (was Re: N810 Now Resets Very Frequently)

From: Andre Klapper aklapper at openismus.com
Date: Thu Jul 17 15:29:23 EEST 2008
Am Mittwoch, den 16.07.2008, 15:51 -0400 schrieb Ryan Abel:
> >> But I'd rather see the guided submission form get some traction moving
> >> forward (somebody else will have to come up with the URL, I'm in
> >> retard-mode at the moment and can't find it).

something like
https://bugs.maemo.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=applications&format=guided ?

>  Karsten has, apparently,
> >> been working on this, hopefully we'll see it implemented soon. ;) It's
> >> much more helpful overall than a simple template.

Andre Klapper (maemo.org bugmaster)

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