[maemo-users] The n800 or n810 this is what I know, which is better

From: John Holmblad jholmblad at acadiasecurenets.com
Date: Fri Jul 18 21:14:13 EEST 2008

the N800 has an FM radio built in. I am not certain about whether or not 
the N810 has one.

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Jeff Treague wrote:
> *The n800 or n810 this is what I know*
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> 1. The web cam on the n800 moves-good.
> 2.the gps on the n810 is better than the n800.
> Dose gps work at all on the n800?3. I like to right and the n800 has 
> the thum keyboard-I like that on the n770
> 4.the n810 has a bilt in key baord - I read that it was bad for big 
> fingers.
> 5.I like Quiver Image Viewer use it all the time on n770-both the
> n800 & the n810 can use it
> 6. how is wright on the n800 or n810 can you save fast and offen?
> 7.the n800 has two card insted of one-is this good the n810 has one
> card.
> A. The n800 one slot is hard to get to
> 8. n800 cost less
> 9. The softwere works the same
> This is what I fond out by looking around, which is better
> The Blacknight
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