[maemo-users] N810 not booting, flashing fails

From: rob at myvoice.nl rob at myvoice.nl
Date: Sun Jul 20 15:01:15 EEST 2008

how did I get that one wrong - I copy/pasted the command from the  
maemo site...

Now I get the following output:

root at Elanimal: ./flasher-3.0 -F  
RX-44_DIABLO_4.2008.23-14_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin -f -R


USB device found found at bus 003, device address 005
Found device RX-44, hardware revision 0805
NOLO version 1.1.7
Version of 'sw-release': <no version>
Sending xloader image (9 kB)...

Write failed after 0 bytes
usb_bulk_write: Resource temporarily unavailable
root at Elanimal:

Frederic Crozat wrote:

>> After connecting the N810 via USB and switching it on (with the key on
>> the left side pressed) I get a message telling me the current software
>> version is 50.2 and then flasher exits (I started flasher as root,
>> using ./flasher3.0 imagefile -f -R as given on the flash update page
>> at maemo.org).
> wrong command :
> ./flasher-3.0 -F imagefile -f -R

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