[maemo-users] apt-get vs. hildon-application-manager in Diablo

From: Andrew Daviel advax at triumf.ca
Date: Sun Jul 20 23:02:46 EEST 2008
In Chinook, I gave up using the hildon-application-manager GUI and 
started using apt-get from the command line via ssh; it seemed easier.
I also added some packages directly with dpkg and wget/scp

Now with Diablo there is a scheduled update that keeps flashing at me if 
everything is not up-to-date. I just figured out (I think) what is going 
on, and still have to sort out my catalogues properly.

hildon-application-manager reads a catalogue list out of
/etc/hildon-application-manager/catalogues (an XML file), and
creates /etc/apt/sources.list.d/hildon-application-manager.list each 
"hildon-application-manager-config dump" dumps out the XML
"hildon-application-manager-config set" blows it away (duh)
"hildon-application-manager-config set xx.xml" resets it to the contents 
of xx.xml

apt-get reads /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*
If you add more lists, or edit hildon-application-manager.list (as I 
did) you will have a sync problem and perhaps duplicate entries.

E.g. yesterday hildon-application-manager wanted to upgrade
   rsync 2.6.9-2 to 2.6.9-2
   maemo-recorder 0.2.0 to 0.2.0
   maemo-mapper 2.4.1-os2008 to 2.4.1-os2006-os2007
while apt-get -s -V upgrade said
The following packages have been kept back:
    maemo-mapper (2.4.1-os2008 => 2.4.1-os2006-os2007)
    maemo-recorder (0.2.0 => 0.2.0)
The following packages will be upgraded:
    less (394-4osso1 => 394-4osso2)
    rsync (2.6.9-2 => 2.6.9-2)

I'm a bit confused why it would want to upgrade rsync to the same 
version, and why it would want to downgrade maemo-mapper. Perhaps 
something to do with my having had a Bora repository in the catalogue - 
the newer Nokia repositories have a sort-weight entry which the older and 
3rd-party ones don't, which may affect which repositories are searched 
for updates first.  maemo-mapper 2.4.1-os2008 is from Chinook while 
2.4.1-os2006-os2007 is from Bora.

Right now I managed to blow away my XML catalogue completely and but 
saved most of it by copying the dump from my xterm window. But I'm 
missing some off the end, such as the <notifier> entry and perhaps some 
of the keys.
- does anyone know where I can download a clean copy from 
(without flashing!) or can send me a copy ?

Andrew Daviel, TRIUMF, Canada

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